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Attractive looking phone

I love this iPhone so far. I first has the non pro and the screen was killing my eyes. Everything just seemed blurry so I returned it and got this pro and the screen it’s clearer than ever. The design looks real good I like the 3 camera design and the bigger screen due to not having a home button. I just can’t stop looking at it. I just put a matte screen protector on it and a otter box case so i’m good to go. I didn’t use the fast charger yet or the ipods so I don’t know how they work yet. I didn’t notice a 2.5mm port on it. So I guess it doesn’t have one Maybe the iPods are supposed to be attached by the charging port. I’m satisfied with my iPhone.

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5.0 out of 5 starsGot me to end using Android phones forever

This is my second iPhone. My first was one of the early models, and I eventually switched to Android phones for quite a while. When this came out, I loved the increased usable screen area. I immediately purchased one and have loved everything about it. I upgraded to the 256gb model and have way more than enough storage to keep everything I want on the phone. The battery life really amazed me. I use the phone for both business and personal use, so it stays pretty busy. I have never had to recharge the phone before the end of the business day. And the recharge time is very short - it recharges from 20% to fully charged amazingly quickly. The camera takes great pictures. When zooming in, the definition is still perfect. The Face ID is wonderful. I use it for almost everything and it is very accurate, logging me in almost every time. The only times it doesn't seem to work is in low lighting, which only makes sense. Overall this is a fantastic phone, I'm glad that I spent the money, and I will never go back to Android.

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Upgraded from Iphone 6 to the XR and very happy!

I don't quite understand all the negative reviews. I'm loving everything about this phone. Face recognition works every time and I can't find any feature that doesn't work flawlessly. No more fingerprint ID, I just have to look at it and only takes a split second. 6.1 display vs the 4.7 I had with my old phone. I'm getting used to the new navigation methods, but once I learned them I think they are great and much faster. No more home button, but who needs it! I have researched the new features and if you do too, you will learn to love it.


My First Mac Computer

I had used Windows computers for twenty years and never owned a Mac before. I decided to go with the MacBook Air instead of the Pro because I only need it for internet browsing, word processing, PowerPoints, and other projects for work. I had grown accustomed to Windows so I was very hesitant at first. Before the MacBook I had two Dell, two HP, and two Asus laptops in a span of ten years. It seemed after two years something seriously wrong would happen to my laptop. The motherboard failed on my last Asus laptop after 2 years! The OS on the MacBook is very easy to learn and adapt to. The MacBook is fast and solid. Syncs with my iPhone flawlessly. Everyone I know that has a MacBook has said that they keep going after 5 to 10 years. I am very happy with my purchase and should’ve made it years ago.

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Excellent laptop

This is a high quality apple laptop. This is the third Mac laptop I've owned and the first air-- I like this much more than my last, more powerful MacBook pro. I bought this for my programming needs as I wanted a sleek and user friendly product and this accommodates everything I need with ease.

I feel obligated to write this because other reviewers are leaving reviews of older models they didn't even purchase this calendar year, which is just not right and irresponsible considering how dependent people are on these reviews.

If you want a cheaper option, they're out there but if you want Apple quality and don't mind the extra money or being forced into usb C, which I think is a step up from the magnetic adapters (and is a generic port), then you aren't going to be disappointed.

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I am extremely happy with my purchase, the 2019 model! It was completely brand new, all in apple original manufacturing packaging. It runs like a well oiled machine. The new features are definitely worth the upgrade as moving from an 2011 MacBook Air. The screen is gorgeous and the option for dark mode makes it so easy on the eyes. There is much more allowance for customization too. I love the Touch ID. It’s also much lighter and smaller than the old 13inch models. The power brick doesn’t take up space on a whole outlet, preventing you from plugging in other devices. The battery does quite well too. I’m using mine for school and it gets the job done. I can’t say enough about it. If your skeptical, don’t be. As far as the USB port issue, apple does make this abundantly clear if you read the review or overview of the product on their website. There is no reason why a person shouldn’t know exactly what they are getting themselves into. I’m very pleased so far!!!

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Fast, simple, light and elegant

This laptop is lightweight but powerful for what I use it for. After using PC for my whole life I wanted to try something new. I’ve been using iPhone and iPad for so many years and what I like of them is their perfect integration with the software. It is stable and reliable. I wanted to get something not so fancy but good enough to write a book (it’s in my bucket list) and read scientific articles and to do simple stuff. I didn’t want to spend that much money for the Pro laptop. I went to a store and used it for a while and decided to bought it on the spot. I am so pleased with it. I can even unlock it with either my finger, a password or while wearing my Apple Watch.

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What took me so long!

I am thrilled with my new MacBook Air! I don’t know why I waited this long. Light weight and durable, I can take it anywhere. The “rose gold” finish is beautiful. Having used a PC for many years there was a bit of a learning curve, but the OS is intuitive and help is ever-present. The boot-up is lightening fast and completely quiet. All of my computing tasks are now streamlined. I will never go back to Windows!

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Great package... except for the ancient 5200rpm HDD

As a digital artist and creator the screen was one of the main reasons I purchased this machine and was not disappointed in the slightest, it's easily the best looking display I've seen in this size... period. The specs are mostly good for the price too, really happy to have a dedicated GPU even on the base 4k model. The only bad part of this computer is that incredibly slow HDD thats included, luckily there are easy workarounds for this issue, like booting off a much faster external SSD (what I've done). Now after booting off the external SSD I'm getting much better performance in general since thats easily the biggest bottleneck in the machine. Overall very happy upgrading from a 2013 retina macbook pro, its nice to have all this power and such a large high quality screen. The included keyboard is fantastic but the magic mouse was a letdown, very uncomfortable.

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Customer Review

Great desktop computer for home or business.

It came well packed so no problems in Shipping. The computer worked well, it's a nice size that doesn't crowd the desktop. It easily matches all the standards that Apple has come to represent.

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Start up

Apple Support is Great

Apple has the best support and warranty. I've called for help and been on the phone with three different experts who eventually figured out my rare issue. It costs nothing (not counting the higher retail price of their products) for the help during the life of the warranty.

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Big Boomer


We don’t know her last name but her first name is Kim, and this is mikayla and savannah and we called her last night Bc my phone was being stupid (mikaylas phone). We just wanted to write this review because she was really sweet and it was really late and she still helped me with my phone and we were Laughing and she wasn’t getting annoyed, and she was just so wholesome, so we just thought we’d right this review because she was great.

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Jorge Smith2019-11-12
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