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Can I take my iMac to the Apple store?

Bring just the machine for now and the paperwork just in case. Apple should have a record of it, but if there is a mess up if you have the paperwork there would be no need for a second trip. AppleCare will repair the machine if it is covered under the warranty.

How do I transfer everything from my old iMac to my new iMac?

  1. Use Migration Assistant
  2. Open Migration Assistant, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. When asked how you want to transfer your information, select the option to transfer from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk.
  5. Click Continue.

Is it worth buying an iMac in 2019?

How to Connect Two 27″ iMacs for a Dual Display Setup!

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What cable do I need to transfer from Mac to Mac?

Tip: For fastest migration, connect your old computer to your iMac with a cable, such as a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) cable. If you migrate wirelessly, you’ll get best results if you keep both computers near each other throughout the migration process.

Can I connect two Macs with USB C?

You needs to put one of the computer in Target Disk Mode (Press T on startup) and connect another USB-C equipped Mac with a USB-C cable (or USB-C to USB Adapter/Cable for older computer) Note that the USB-C cable that come with your MacBook Pro 2016 does not work. … But this does not requires Target Disk Mode.

How do I connect two Macs to migrate?

How to migrate files to a new Mac

  1. Connect two Macs using a Thunderbolt, FireWire, or Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the new Mac to a hard drive where you have cloned your startup volume (using an app like Intego Personal Backup), or connect it to a drive where you’ve done a Time Machine backup.

How do I transfer photos from my Mac to my Mac wirelessly?

How to Transfer Photos from Mac to Mac (No Migration Assistant!)

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How do I prepare my Mac for repair?

  1. Get your Mac ready for service
  2. Make a backup. Making a backup is an important part of preparing your Mac for service. …
  3. Arrange for service. Choose from the service options available in your area: make a reservation at an
  4. Apple Store, find an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or set up mail-in repair. …
  5. Gather your information. …
  6. Gather your products

Can Mac backup to iCloud?

Option 3: Use iCloud to back up your Mac

Depending on whether or not you pay Apple a monthly subscription for iCloud storage, it may be an option to keep a backup of your data in iCloud. You can choose to keep your Desktop and Documents folders, your Numbers, Pages and Keynote documents, your Mail, and more, in iCloud.

How do I backup my entire computer to iCloud?

7.4 or later > Open System Preferences from the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen > Click on the iCloud icon > Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in > Check the box indicating that you wish to use iCloud to back up your information > Click the Next button.

What is the best way to backup your Mac?

A good, safe backup strategy

  1. Back up using Time Machine (to a disk connected to your network for extra convenience, particularly if you use a laptop)
  2. Clone your hard disk daily to a disk connected to your Mac.
  3. Use a cloud backup or peer-to-peer backup service.

How do I copy files from Mac to hard drive?

When you connect an external hard drive to your Mac, it appears on the Devices menu in Finder. Copy and paste, or drag and drop, items onto the hard drive as you would to any other location on your Mac. Drag and drop items between Finder windows to copy from your Mac to a hard drive.

How do I transfer everything from my Mac to an external hard drive?

Click “Finder” on the Desktop to launch a new Finder window, and then locate the files to transfer to the external hard drive. Drag each of the files you want backed up from your system from their location on your hard drive to the external hard drive’s disk window.

Are Imacs easy to use?

The entry-level iMac is about as easy as desktop computing gets. It’s an all-in-one package that’s simple, powerful and attractive. Sure, you can buy probably buy a Windows machine and the relevant accessories for a little cheaper.

How can I get admin access to a Mac without knowing the current password?

  1. Create a new admin account
  2. Hold ⌘ + S on startup.
  3. mount -uw / ( fsck -fy is not needed)
  4. rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone.
  5. reboot.
  6. Go through the steps of creating a new account. …
  7. After logging in to the new account, go to the Users & Groups preference pane.
  8. Select the old account, press the Reset Password…

What is iMac good for?

There’s also something to be said for positioning a Mac somewhere in your house to use as a homework machine, to force a student to focus in a way that they might not if they’re sitting in their bedroom on a laptop or iPad. The iMac is also a pretty good value, because it comes with that high-resolution screen.

How do I connect my old iMac to my new iMac?

  1. Transfer your data to your new iMac
  2. Tip: For best results, make sure your iMac is running the latest version of macOS. …
  3. Use Migration Assistant. …
  4. Tip: For fastest migration, connect your old computer to your iMac with a cable, such as a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) cable. …
  5. Copy files from a storage device. …
  6. Use Target Disk Mode.

How do I send my MacBook in for repair?

To get support, the easiest option is to head to Apple’s support page. If you select that you’d like to bring your device in for repair, Apple will provide you with the location of your nearest authorized repair technician.

How do I backup my Mac before repair?

  1. Connect your Mac to an external hard drive.
  2. Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  3. Click Time Machine.
  4. Click Select Backup Disk.
  5. Select the external hard drive.
  6. Click Use Disk.
  7. Click Options to set your preferences.

How can I transfer my iPhoto library to a new computer?

Drag the iPhoto Library folder or package to external hard drive. 4. Now open iPhoto (the new computer for moving iPhoto Library to a new computer). Hold down the Option key on the keyboard, and keep the Option key held down until you are prompted to create or choose an iPhoto library.

Does Migration Assistant wipe old Mac?

No, it does not. It transfers your users, settings, data and third party Applications. Please note what it does do is messes up your user, if you have the same name in the new mac as the old one.

How long does Migration Assistant take with Thunderbolt?

I recently migrated over thunderbolt connection, 300 GB from old computer (MacBook Air) to new computer (MacBook Pro). It took about 6 hours, which is about 1 GB/min — your transfer was about 2 GB/min. So yours was certainly faster than mine.

How do I transfer files from iPad to iMac?

iPad to iMac file transfer 2017

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How long should an iMac last?

But with proper care and maintenance, your iMac can run for 7-8 years as well. Though its a very rare case but its not impossible. Apple does not compromise on the quality of its devices and which is why your iMac can last a minimum of 5 years.

Are iMacs worth it?

The iMac is also a pretty good value, because it comes with that high-resolution screen. If you wanted to configure a Mac mini and a 4K iMac with the same specs, you’d only have $400 left over to buy a 4K display. For the 5K iMac the figure is $800.

Can you use a iMac as a monitor?

The same Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port can be used as a video input that allows your iMac to serve as a monitor for another Mac. … The Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt-equipped iMac can only receive DisplayPort-compatible video and audio.

Does iMac support dual monitors?

iMac dual monitor setup with Mini DisplayPort
According to the iMac technical specs, the iMac Mini DisplayPort provides “output with support for DVI, dual-link DVI, and VGA video”. Which iMac monitor cable you need depends on the external monitor you want to connect.

Can you use 2 iMacs together?

Connect the displays
See About the video ports on Mac. If your Mac has one or more Thunderbolt ports , you can connect up to two displays to those ports. If the displays also have Thunderbolt ports, you can connect one display to another, and then connect one of the displays to a Thunderbolt port on your Mac.

Can I transfer files from Mac to Mac with USB?

You can NOT connect two Macs with a USB cable. However, you can use a USB to ethernet adapter on both Macs. … There is another method of directly connecting Macs using Firewire or Thunderbolt — it’s called Target Disk Mode (TDM).

Is Thunderbolt 3 the same as USB C?

The Thunderbolt 3 port has the same design as the USB-C port. … It’s speed allows for quicker access more data when compared to USB-C. Thunderbolt 3 works at 40Gbps while USB-C works at 10 Gbps. Thunderbolt 3 can present video content on two 4K displays or one 5k display while USB-C can present one 4K display.

Will Migration Assistant delete files on old computer?

No, it does not. It transfers your users, settings, data and third party Applications. Please note what it does do is messes up your user, if you have the same name in the new mac as the old one.

Can I copy applications from one Mac to another?

Hit Command+Shift+K to bring up the “Connect to Server” menu, click on “Browse” and connect to the Mac you want to copy the app to. Drag the . app and the two Application Support folders over to the new Mac. On the new Mac, move the /Application Support/ folders to their appropriate places, and drop the.

How do I export my entire iPhoto library?

To use the export method:

  1. Open up the first iPhoto library.
  2. Select the photos you want to move.
  3. Choose “Export” from the menu.
  4. Select either Current (exports with edits) or Original.
  5. Select a folder to export the images to.
  6. Import the photos to an existing Photos library.
  7. Repeat for each iPhoto Library.

Can you AirDrop to a Mac?

Select AirDrop in the sidebar of a Finder window. Or choose Go > AirDrop from the menu bar. The AirDrop window shows nearby AirDrop users. Drag one or more documents, photos, or other files to the recipient shown in the window.

Can Apple repair access my data?

To repair your iPhone, sure Apple workers will access to your iPhone. And generally, after the repair, all your data will be deleted completely. … If all these data on your iPhone is very important for you, before sending it away, try Dr. Fone for iOS to backup important data from it.

Can you backup time machine to iCloud?

Apple’s current backup strategy is Time Machine + iCloud. Time Machine is for everything local on the machine, where iCloud covers offsite backups of your Documents, Desktop, and Photos. … Restoring from a Time Machine backup is fast, but it also relies on a single drive.

How do I do a backup to iCloud?

Turning on iCloud Backup:

  1. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Tap Settings > iCloud > Backup.
  3. Turn on iCloud Backup if it isn’t already turned on.
  4. Make sure you are on a WiFi connection and tap Back Up Now.
  5. Check your backup by tapping Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, and then select your device.

Does my Mac automatically backup to iCloud?

Apple provides 5 GB of space for free when you sign up for iCloud. So, if you only wish to use this space, choose your most important documents and data to back up. … iCloud will now automatically sync the data you have chosen to backup MacBook Pro to iCloud.

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